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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Yes, in 7 days, we see B4.
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 8/3/1994 5:56:00 PM  

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Yes, in 7 days, we see B4.

(Do I live to please, or what?)

Had two Susan russianisms in the two-parter, they slipped past; I
generally keep them more distinct. I don't think there are any more for the
rest of the season.

RE: similarity in initials...well, a creator has to take some liberties
in character identification....

RE: casting Boxleitner and differences in how the character fits in...he
fits tighter into the events of year two than Sinclair would have, in terms of
being on B5, due to the desire to increase some of the tension on-station.
The questin of who you can really trust starts to take on weight next season.
Also, Sinclair's place of relocation will allow us to bring in some new
elements that you'll start spotting about mid-season (we'll see who notices
them first; they'll be in the background to start, then move forward). And,
again, we can broaden out the storyline.

A *lot* of people were considered for this role...because you have to
look at all of the possibilities, and from there find the one person most
suited to your show. Some of the other people who were on the list were
Anthony Andrews, James Earl Jones, Roger Reece, A. Martinez...but the one name
that really kept coming to the top of the list, who both Doug and I wanted the
most, was Bruce. He has all the right attributes for the character, and Doug
has worked with him before, knowing him to be a nifty guy...good with people,
a hard worker, a team player, dedicated to his craft and his show...good,
decent, honorable people are sometimes hard to find, but Bruce has all of
those qualities and more. We spent a couple of hours the other day just
hanging out in the B5 offices, talking SF (he'd just finished reading Harry
Turtledove's newest Civil War book, and had started on another...he's a big
fan of 50s SF as well as such films as Blade Runner, vastly preferring the
director's cut) and fighter aircraft (he's a buff and collector of aircraft
memorabilia, and has flown just about every kind of plane)...had a great time.

He really complements the show because, like those of us who man the
other areas, he really is a stone SF fan. (His kids in particular REALLY
wanted him to do the show.) He's watched B5 and likes it a lot.

I think you're gonna like him a *lot*.


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